In order to reach our goals.............

We treat our clients & workers as partners since we all have the same goals.
We work quickly, efficiently & are always available for our clients & workers.
We keep open lines of communication with our clients with help, advice & throughout the whole process of selection, evaluation & recruitment of the workers, until they are situated with our client. It is our belief that a permanent connection between client & worker are the key to a successful process of labour activities.
In order to place the proper workers we use our various offices for recruitment, selection and evaluation.


We established our company in Nepal with the intention of:
* getting qualified workers for companies in all sectors of the economy.
* organizing groups of permanent workers who identify themselves with the objectives of the companies in which they serve.
* gaining the trust of the owner who has been provided with highly motivated, carefully selected workers.
* providing the owner with a mutual laborer who can do any job entrusted to him.
* providing to the companies, of all the economic sectors, the opportunity to experience and harvest the immediate benefits of a better labor force.

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